5 Tips and Tricks to make your phones battery last longer

We do everything we can to keep our mobiles running, you know, But the battery doesn't always last. There is no time or space to charge your mobile, so we just need to use tricks to keep our batteries full for as long as possible.

  • Energy saving mode

This ensures that your mobile phone automatically shuts off energy-consuming tasks, so you don't have to think about turning off certain things.

  • Closing apps

Sometimes 25 apps are open without noticing you. Close these apps, because you won't use them anyway. As it continues to work, it will further reduce the percentage of your battery.

  • Brightness

This is very different when your screen resolution is low. The lower the brightness of your smartphone, the longer your battery will last. Or even better turn on a special glow that allows less blue light! Double win-win situation!

  • AirPlane mode

If you want to save battery completely, activating your flight mode is the best option. As a result, you will not receive any messages, you will not be able to send anything, and you will not use other Internet functions.

Although you can also turn off your Wifi but no, airplane mode just makes sure it doesn't have to be busy with anything.

  • Energy guzzling Apps

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp are the most common energy consuming apps. So if you don't use them then don't forget to turn them off and force them to use less in the first place. Or better yet, use the website function of specific apps.

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