Few Important Accessibility Features in Android which you need to know about

When using an Android smartphone, you get the option to access the settings. This option is in the System section of Settings. But have you ever used it or do you know all its features? No! We will also help you and tell you how accessibility settings are useful in Android smartphones.

You will be able to avail many great accessibility settings through your Android smartphone. Here we have mentioned 8 of the best accessibility features available for android.

important accessibility features in android

Talk back:

When you go to settings and select Accessibility, the first option you'll see was Talk Back. This feature is especially for blind people or those who have poor eyesight.

It tells you everything you do on the phone. Which button you pressed, which letter you pressed, and so on. At the same time, to use every feature on your smartphone, you need to double-tap on on it. for example: To open Photo Gallery you just have to double tap on the photo gallery icon.

Magnification Gesture:

This feature helps you to zoom in on any Android phone, This accessibility feature is also very useful. After turning on the magnification gesture, you need to tap the screen three times to use it. Then you can see anything on the screen zoomed in. 

You will also able to play videos by zooming in. It can be turned off by tapping the screen three times.

Large text:

Accessibility also has the option of large text. If you think the letters in the phone are small, you can use large text. In accessibility, this feature just needs to be turned on and the text gets bigger.

If you want to make the text more larger, then you can choose a larger font by going to the display in settings.

High contrast text:

If you have trouble seeing text in the phone despite the large font, you can use high contrast text. It creates a border around the text and makes it easy for you to understand. It is mainly beneficial for people with low light or color blindness.

Power button end's the call:

If you want, you can use the power button on your Android phone to disconnect the call. You can set this feature from Accessibility settings.

Speak password:

If you want to turn on the screen or enter a password in any app, you need information. You can use Speak Password for this. However, keep in mind that you can only use it on headphones. Also many phones have this feature but it doesn't work.

Color inversion:

This feature of ease is also special. As soon as it is turned on, the entire display will be in reverse color. That is, white will turn black and red will turn bluish. Things will be displayed in a negative color.

Color correction:

This feature can only be seen in models after Android operating system 5.0. This is very beneficial for color blind people. That is, there are many people who do not see certain colors. Like some red and some blue. This feature is very useful for such people.

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